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Liquid Mineral Makeup Bases

Liquid Mineral Makeup available for Private Label  paraben freeAirbrush or  RTW (Ready to wear)

Matte (age-defying) Foundation. The Matte is an lightweight, oil-free formula that protects the skin from environmental stress. Infused with micronized Pomegranate Extract, Milk Thistle, Ginkgo Biloba, Lady's Mantle and Horse Tail, this formula is recommended for all skin types, problem skin, post-laser and Rosacea patients, Photo-finish work with a finishing powder because of the micas. VELVETY SMOOTH FEEL - LONG WEARING - PARABEN FREE -PARAMEDICAL MAKEUP- No harmful preservatives, dyes or fragrance.

7 Base Colors for Custom Colors or add purified water for airbrush makeup

ivory mineral
porcelain mineral
beige mineral
tan mineral
deep mineral
hazelnut mineral
espresso mineral
Foundations with pure mineral micas and 20 botanicals

Create your very own line of foundations adding essential oils, etc. to our pure mineral foundation

Our Dry Mineral list click HERE

New York, NY (November 14, 2011) – Mineral makeup has taken the beauty world by storm. Acclaimed as the biggest beauty trend in years by makeup artists, dermatologists and industry professionals, minerals have gone from a little known and tiny portion of the beauty market to full mainstream. Sold at department stores, drug store beauty aisles, salons and spas, mineral-based makeup is now considered the way forward for flawless, healthy skin. It's a wonder why every woman in the world hasn't taken to making it the staple of their makeup bag once and for all.

  What are the Benefits of Mineral Makeup?

According to NYC, “Mineral makeup allows the skin to breathe. It is also known to offer maximum sun protection that won't feel heavy on the skin, and won't melt in the sun. It contains no fillers, or powders so it will not settle into fine lines on the face. The minerals work with the natural warmth of the skin and make your complexion look flawless and radiant. It is hypoallergenic, is less allergy producing, and works well on all skin types, particularly sensitive skin.”

*Prior to any Airbrush application oily lotions that sit on the skin are not recommended, Dry to touch moisturizers are recommended.

Most people use a lighter foundation color as a base or Concealer.

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