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Beauty Oil

beauty oil 

Indulge your skin care regimen!  With this miracle in a .5 oz bottle/

Miracle Beauty Oil is a versatile, lightweight oil that absorbs quickly to protect and balance your skin while adding suppleness, clarity and radiance. Helps soothe skin that is over-exposed to sun,wind-burned, irritated, or damaged. Recommended for ALL skin types, as it contains only high-quality, natural, non-synthetic oils that help control and regulate natural oil production of the skin and will not clog pores.

Marula Oil helps defend against environmental damage. Chamomile Oil soothes redness and irritation. Black Currant Seed Oil improves and soothes traumatized and inflamed skin. Jojoba Oil is an anti-inflammatory and hydrates. Argan Oil hydrates, protects, and softens. Grape Seed and Peppermint Oils regulate natural oil production, balance, brighten skin, and purifies.

To Use: Place 1 or 2 drops onto cleansed and toned skin in the morning prior to makeup or at night. You can also blend a few drops with your moisturizer or foundation for instantly visible radiance or use on the neck, chest, hands, cuticles or other trouble spots that need extra attention and pampering.


Lip Treatments- Vo-lip-tuous Display

Vo-lip-tuous Display14 gr pump bottle or Sugar Scrub jar

Sugar Lip ScrubSugar Scrub Vo-lip-tuous DisplayVo Lip tuous


Sugar Lip Scrub leaves your lips refreshed and kissably soft. Sugar is great to exfoliate the lips for renewed softness. Our Vo-lip-tuous Lipid Serum will Plump Up Your Pout! Designed to restore collagen and hydrate lips, filling in creases around the mouth. The result plumper, smoother conditioned lips. Vo-lip-tuous display - One per customer FREE wiith purchase of 12 Vo-lip-tuous Lipid Serums.