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"All natural ingredients that not only will "set" your makeup but it will actually help improves your skin.  "

Feel Good Facial Sprays for under makeup or to refresh your Face & Makeup daily

T.I.P.  Paraben, Silicone Free, Lightweight, Long lasting, Safe Natural Primers & Makeup setting sprays

pure neroli Best for oily or troubled skin


*Neroli - Made with Bitter Orange extract which works as a Calming agent for Sensitive and Troubled skin, Oily skin Blocker, reduces pore size.  Rejuvenating, restores glow, Antioxidant protecting skin from Free Radicals and Pollutants. Super for hot weather conditions.  Ingredients include: Neroli  Organic Rooibos Tea Extract, White Tea, Green Tea. 

Extremely effective in preventing the skin from being victimized.
Hydration our Liquid Lotion

*Immortelle Flower - "Liquid Lotion"
Stimulates the production of New Skin cells-Anti Aging, Softens, Super Hydration for Body and Hair, retains skin youthful look, nourishing.  Immortelle oils have long been prized for restoring the elasticity of skin and have been used as a skin tonic for treating wounds and scrapes since in ancient times. Many cosmetics products containing immortelle oils are marketed as anti-aging or age-defying, often with attendant promises of restored youth. Popular in Facial and Skin care worldwide, used as a non greasy solution for cold weather dryness.

Our Perfect Primer both Anti Aging and Anti-Age defying

*Out by popular demand we have now created the  Perfect Primer with all the beautiful properties of the 3 above; it's perfecto !  You may use it to refresh makeup during the day or alone just to feel skin fresh all day, with light powder and some lips for a quick trip to the store. With Soya Protein, Immortelle and our Neroli it's just perfectly great. As a UV blocker it will aid in fighting pollutants entering the pores causing premature aging.  Wrinkles Reducer and Smoother. Best for cold weather conditions or normal to dryer skin.

Primer and Sprays Benefits - Primers extend the longevity of makeup applications in extreme weather conditions for over and under makeup applications. Creates a smooth surface for Airbrush Makeup applications. 

Barrier Spray:   Benefits - as a primer to help makeup become more water resistant for use in Bridal makeup, outdoor shoots, hot studio lights.  Pore minimizer, oily skin blocker and super for humid weather conditions  Use under and over makeup applications.

Airbrush Application – Be sure prior to beginning makeup application there are no creams or lotions that float on the skin, clean dry skin is best.  Most moisturizers float on the face, these will not work with Airbrush Makeup. Moisturizers that blend into the skin and dry to the touch are best. Our new Liquid Lotion is a super all over body hydrator.


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