Foundation Primer –Illuminating & Hydrating available

1 oz. Glass Jar 1 oz glass bottle w/ pump

Every artist needs to work on a perfect canvas. Our Foundation Primer and our Illuminating Foundation Primer slips over clean, dry skin giving you the perfect surface. The soothing vitamins, anti-oxidants, and grapeseed extract help soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and the specialized silicone-based formula will provide grip to increase the wear and longevity of your foundation. Beautifully packaged in 1 oz. glass bottle w/pump and platinum box. Hydrating Foundation Primer : Specially formulated primer that helps your skin take in and hold water more efficiently. The soothing antioxidants and moisturizers help promote younger, healthier looking skin and the silicone base will provide grip for the longevity of your foundation. Perfect for dry or mature skin types.



Eye Primer

Platinum Box w/ Black Cap Jar clear jar, black cap, platinum box

Corrective Corrective Eye & Lip Primer Eye and Lip Pearl Pearl


These silky primers are a MUST to apply to the eye area to prepare for makeup application. All three products are long-lasting, waterproof formulas that prevent creasing while neutralizing the lid to bring out optimal color. Use Corrective to offset redness in the eye area. Use Pearl for a luminous glow.



Lip Primer

Eye & Lip Primer


 This silky primer is a MUST to apply to the lip area to prepare for lip product application. Long-lasting, waterproof formula that prevent creasing while neutralizing the lip to bring out optimal color.