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Micro Fine Loose Finishing Powder powder jar

Finely-milled powders that will control excess oils, leaving skin smooth and flawless. Works for all skin types and tones.

loose powdersBamboo loose powdersBrown loose powdersNutloose powdersChocolateloose powders Neutral loose powdersBeige

loose powdersMatteoil control powder Oil Control transparentTransparent

Photo-Chromatic Pressed Powders ~ black compactBilevel w/ sponge, large black

High performance, professional, silky powders that will mask the appearance of fine lines and large pores for fabulous & photogenic skin. Can be used alone or to even out skin tone or over your foundation. Great for normal to oily skin.

pressed powderCream pressed powderCanvas pressed powdersChai pressed powdersCoco pressed powderCoffee pressed powderCookie

pressed powderPuff pressed powderParment pressed powderSandbox pressed powderSpiced

Mini Oil Control Powder ~ SignatureBox w/ sponge

Take away the shine with this perfect blotting powder.

oil control powder

Water Proof Setting Powder ~

Cry, sweat, get wet—your makeup will stay waterproof and flawless! This feather-light, semi-translucent formula works with any foundation on a wide range of skin tones. Simply buff the powder over your foundation for long-lasting, locked-in coverage.


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