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Creme Blushes ~ creme blush


decoyDecoy feistyFeisty flauntFlaunt lavishLavish lullabyLullaby


Matte Blush ~ matte blush

bubble gumGum blushChameleon charismaCharisma blushFuen Shui blushWine

gingerGiner partyParty mauveMauve contour blushSafari sunkistSunkist

peacePeach purpleTickle

Bronzer/Blush Duo ~

The bronzer side gives you a great sun-kissed tan. The blush side gives you a touch of shimmery, sexy color.

bronzer blushAmazing Fabulous

Lip and Cheek Balm ~ lip and cheek

lip and cheekBourbon Ballet Southern lip and cheekLychee RoughDare



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